Last year, Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty announced that he would be joining eSports organization FaZe Clan, and now it's official. During last weekend's Rolling Loud festival, Yachty announced the news, explaining that he would go by the name FaZe Boat. "I feel like people didn't necessarily know how serious it was," he told Complex News' Speedy Morman during the LiveZone interview, clarifying that he's been a member for quite some time already.

Yachty added that he's been a fan of FaZe Clan ever since he was in high school watching their videos. To celebrate the occasion, Yachty brought the FaZe Clan on stage during his performance, and threw "very exclusive" FaZe Boat T-shirts into the crowd.

During the interview, FaZe Clan and Yachty also spoke at length about the business of playing games and just how much it's exploded in the past few years. Yachty also teased that he has new merch in partnership with FaZe Clan on the way, but he didn't make it clear what games he would be playing as part of the group. Yachty has never been shy about just how much he's into gaming, so it's no surprise that he's turning one of his favorite hobbies into a bona fide side gig.

Watch Yachty wild out on stage with his new crew below.