In typical fashion, Cardi B took to Instagram on Sunday to share a couple of rants, including to people who need to "stop telling me how I need to act like another celebrity.”

The series of clips came in defense of her publicist, Patientce Foster, following an incident at the Sydney, Australia airport. Upon arrival, Cardi was hounded by the paparazzi, and it was clear that she didn't want her picture taken. An older female bystander got angry and remarked, “No wonder your husband left you.”

That was the last straw for Patientce, who came to Cardi's defense and told the woman, “Bitch, I'll smack the shit out of you. Don't ever come out your mouth about her mutherfuckin' husband. Watch your mouth.”

In a now-deleted video that Cardi also posted on Sunday, she called Patientce her “friend” and “homegirl.” Fans have been slamming Patientce for the stunt Offset pulled during Cardi’s Rolling Loud performance earlier in December, since Patience was apparently seen in footage with Offset backstage at the Los Angeles-set festival.

“Not only is she my publicist, she’s my friend," she said in the clip. "She was there when she gave birth to my daughter, everything. That’s my bitch, that’s my homegirl...she been doing a great fucking job, and I think her every single fucking day.”

And of the airport run-in?

“Matter of fact, I am mad at Patience," she said in the deleted video. "Wanna know why I’m mad at Patience? Cuz she should have spit in that fuckin lady’s face.”

Cardi then turned her focus on the business of being Cardi.

“You need to handle your situation like this person, that person…bro, that’s not me,” she said. “Like sometimes I don’t even feel like I’m a celebrity 'cause the standards and the way y’all expect these celebrities to act…that is not me motherfucker.

“I’m just doing my motherfucking job. I’m just getting my coins. I don’t give a fuck about none of this bullshit, bro…I been acting like this, I been this way my whole motherfucking entire life. I been handling shit my way my whole fucking life motherfucker. So stop it.”