Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD continues to be the gift that keeps giving. As pointed out by HipHop-N-More, the album's tracklist has been updated, making it so that it now shows all of the formerly hidden featured artists. 

Before this revelation, fans were forced to guess as to who the special guests on each track were. And while this made for an interesting introduction to the album, the layered subtleties of the project combined with the blind features made it so where many of the contributors went unnoticed. It appears as though Travis Scott, or someone on his team, has rectified this issue. One can now see all the vocals that are present on ASTROWORLD

Seeing all the different aspects of the album adds more respect to Scott's abilities as a producer. Similar to great composers like a Quincy Jones or his "brother" Kanye West, Scott was able to take various styles and sounds to create great records that fit together perfectly. Understanding this and seeing the number of features Scott was able to wrangle into a cohesive project speaks to his deep musical prowess. 

However, this is something one won't get to witness unless they are subscribing users of Apple Music/iTunes as ASTROWORLD's features have yet to be seen on any other streaming service. Complex has reached out to a rep for Travis Scott for more information.