Bronx rapper Dream Doll has become the subject of 50 Cent's ridicule, but thankfully, she's at the very least in on the joke this time around. While wearing her platform Balenciaga Crocs, she somehow managed to find herself tumbling to the ground, much to the delight of Fiddy.

In a video the Love and Hip-Hop star posted to her Instagram, the moment she crashed to the floor can be seen through a security camera.

50 Cent, never one to pass up the opportunity for a viral moment, immediately wanted to chime in. Posting on his own Instagram account, 50 posted some memes regarding the 4-inch platformed Crocs. Dream says that, thankfully, 50 helped her up, and that she was uninjured during the fall. It's unlikely that she'll be wearing the shoes again anytime soon, though.

Check out the video of the incident and what 50 Cent had to say about it above.