According to The Blast, the owner of a children's hair salon in Los Angeles, Patrice Miner, has taken out a restraining order against Dame Dash after she says the music mogul walked into her business and leveled threats against her in front of customers. The Blast adds that Miner was granted a temporary order that would keep Dash from coming within 30 yards of either her or her salon.

Miner described Dash as an "investor and customer," and says that he "walked up to me and threaten my life." She also says that he grabbed a customer and tossed him out of the shop prior to telling her she was "so lucky" there were witnesses in the business. Furthermore she states that, in a separate incident, Dame "yelled and screamed and called me an idiot in front of guests and customers."

In Miner's filing, she checked off a box indicating she didn't notify Dash due to fear that "the violence would reoccur when I gave notice I was asking for these orders." She will be taking part in a hearing later on in November to make the ruling permanent.

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