Dame Dash’s Boxing Coach Pokes Fun at Jay Z's Fighting Skills

Dame Dash, Q-Tip, Heavy D, and Jay Z all formed a fight club back in the day.

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Dame Dash recently stopped by Van Lathan’s Red Pill Podcast, and one of the many topics the two discussed was boxing.

It turns out Dash had a fight club back in the day that counted Jay Z, Q-Tip, and Heavy D among its members. Dash even called his boxing coach to confirm his story and help him remember some details, but the only detail he shared that is now seared into our brains is that Jay Z—at least in the beginning!—could barely throw a punch. “He was like Pee-wee Herman,” Dash’s boxing coach said. Ouch.

Dash started out by saying that he and his fight club would go to New York’s Chelsea Piers to box. He said that Heavy could fight well, but Dash could take him. Perhaps surprisingly, Dash also said that Q-Tip could fight really well. “He’s a nice guy, but he could fight,” Dash said. “Out of them, I would say Q-Tip was the best [fighter].”

Then, Dash called his boxing coach, who confirmed both the members of the fight club and the fact that Q-Tip was a solid fighter. That’s when host Lathan asked about Jay and whether he could fight. The boxing coach thankfully held nothing back.

"At first he couldn't [fight]. He was like Pee-wee Herman,” the coach said. “At first he couldn't bust a grape. He couldn't bust a grape.”

“A girl would've beat him up. First time I put him in the ring he got waxed," the trainer continued, rubbing salt in the wound. “After that he got it together.”

Dame Dash’s latest project is Honor Up, executive produced by Kanye West, which hit theaters and on-demand services earlier this month on Feb. 16.

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