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When Travis Scott spoke with Complex last month about his then-impending ASTROWORLD: Wish You Were Here Tour, he expressed understandable stokedness at the thought of finally being able to fit "all the ideas in my brain" into a single room. "There's going to be intensity from the kids in the building, and enough space for the fans to just rage," he said at the time. Judging by fan footage taken from the tour's opening night in Baltimore, La Flame most certainly delivered.

Most notably, Scott's ASTROWORLD-promoting proceedings features—as teased for quite some time now—actual acts of amusement park joy. Specifically, fans get to see Scott take a loop around a roller coaster/ferris wheel concoction at a compellingly cautious speed. Per a previous announcement from Scott, fans will also have a chance at this enviable ASTROWORLD view at each stop on the tour. 

As far as the setlist goes, there's no need for spineless spoilers here. However, you can of course expect fine-tuned run-throughs of "90210," "Stargazing," "Stop Trying to Be God," and much more. As someone fortunate enough to catch Travis Scott's last-minute ASTROWORLD Tour preview set at Voodoo Fest in New Orleans two weeks ago, I can assure you that this show is worth whatever effort you have to put forth to catch it.

Anyway, below you'll find some fan-shot footage of the tour's opening night at the Royal Farms Arena. Enjoy.

And here's a glance at tour merch:

The ASTROWORLD experience will be further cemented in history with the inaugural ASTROWORLD Festival next week in Houston. At the time of this writing, general admission passes were sold out. VIP packages, however, are still available.