Rap legend Too Short is readying the release of his brand new album The Pimp Tape, out this Friday. It's the Bay Area mack's first full-length release since 2012. So, to celebrate, Complex is happy to premiere his new video, "Only Dimes." 

The song and video feature a younger Bay rapper, G-Eazy, as well as The-Dream on the hook. And, of course, lots of women in bathing suits. 

"We shot this dope video called 'Only Dimes' featuring G-Eazy and The-Dream, which is uh ... it's a really beautiful song," Short told Complex. "The-Dream put it down when he did his part. G-Eazy spit his part. The video had the most beautiful ladies in the world. It was a really fun experience recording it, as well as shooting the video. Actually, we didn't even know at first if the song was gone make the album, but then G-Eazy got on it and then Dream got on it ... and it just became one of the best songs on the album. This is album number 20! It's one of the best albums I ever made, I have to say. I think the people gone really enjoy it. So, fuck wit it. The Pimp Tape drops at midnight. You're going to love it!"

You can watch the video above, and pre-order The Pimp Tape here. And now, please enjoy this Too Short classic.