Roc Marciano has had a prolific year.

The Long Island rapper released three full-length projects in 2018, including KAOS alongside legendary producer DJ Muggs. "Caught a Lick" is already the sixth video they've released off the project and it's only been out a month. The song doesn't sound like anything Roc Marci has ever done before as he plays with multiple flows throughout.

Muggs felt the same way as he tells us via email:

"This is the most out-the-box song on the album. I gave Roc a few tracks and was like see if you can fuck with one of these. It's left of what we usually do. Then he went quiet for about 20 minutes—and said "I'm ready." Then he went in the booth and bam, he laid it in one take. The song's banging than a muthafucka, the swing and the distorted 1980s Casio drums—the drums are so old they sound future—and then we top it off with a thick layer of smoke. I directed the video as well. It's about these dudes bringing Kaos to the city and getting money."

KAOS is a score to a film due out in the Spring of 2019 starring Roc and Muggs. They're playing two childhood friends who reunite after Muggs comes home from a 10-year bid. Be on the lookout for that. In the meantime, stream KAOS.