Perhaps best known for her uptempo dance music, or her nostalgic bubblegum pop-leaning tracks, LIZ blends what has worked for her up to this point over a garage instrumental for a pulsating amalgamation entitled "Last Call", premiering on Complex. 

She glides effortlessly over the track and what makes it stand out even more is that if you didn't know the song was new it's likely that you'd think it came straight from the hey-day of the genre, highlighting the versatility and skill she possesses. Arguably her most inclusive song to date, it is unclear if this is a direction LIZ will explore further in the future, but with a mixtape in the works for next year, "Last Call" is likely to be on repeat until then.

LIZ explained to Complex via email:

I was craving to make some more garage and house again, which is a flavour I played a lot with in my first few releases. I like experimenting with sounds that are derivative of certain cultures and eras that have heavily influenced, but then making it 'future'. As soon as AOBeats and Robokid played the beat for me, I knew I had to hit up JC Chasez (of *NSYNC) to write it with me. We both connect so much with UKG and he helps bring out soulful melodies and a sensuality in me that I sometimes ignore.