Formerly a trio, Kachina were struck by tragedy in April this year when founding member Zurcon passed away. Now the remaining members—Rob Sparx and Wigz—have regrouped and are ready with their first single as a duo.

"Eyes Of March" continues down the path laid out by their love of UK garage, using that as the track's backbone, while incorporating an overwhelming dub element. Fans of the likes of Tuff Jam and early jungle will get a kick out of the echoed vocals and cavernous, dubby soundscapes. The new track comes from their upcoming EP of the same name (due Dec. 13; pre-order here), which Zurcon also had a hand in creating.

The pair told Complex via email:

"This is the first release we've done since Zurcon passed away in April. R.I.P Ernest Payne; you were a proper one-in-a-million diamond geezer. Get yer skanking shoes on for 'Eyes Of March'! This track is a 130bpm epic and euphoric soulful dub journey with a memorising combination of cheeky dub vocals and an ever-evolving, super funky, amen workout. With elements of Tuff Jam-era garage, jungle and '88-'92 classic hardcore, 'Eyes Of March' is the anthem you've been waiting for."

Listen exclusively below.

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