Lil Pump's show at Rock City in Nottingham, United Kingdom was disrupted by a "smoke flare" attack, TMZ reports

The smoke flare was reportedly tossed into the crowd, causing chaos and fans to scatter. Pump and his team, as well as attendees, evacuated. Shortly after, Lil Pump continued on with the show by performing the Kanye West track "I Love It" atop his tour bus. A police spokesperson told the publication that they received a call reporting a "smoke flare inside the venue" at around 9:30 PM. 

Check out footage below. 

Information on if suspects have been apprehended are unknown at the moment. Though it doesn't look like there were any serious injuries, two people have so far been treated. TMZ reports law enforcement as saying that the attack was not an act of terrorism. 

Lil Pump later took to IG to talk about the incident. "Some dumb ass threw a smoke bomb in the show. F*cked up the whole show [...] Y'all threw three. Whoever the f*ck threw that y'all made me faint in the middle of the show. Bitch," the rapper said. 

Footage from TMZ shows Pump being treated by medics.

We've reached out to Lil Pump's rep for comment. 

This post will be updated as more information becomes available.