In the days following Kim Porter's shocking death, countless celebrities have flocked to social media to express their condolences and share their memories of the 47-year-old model/actress. Lil Kim, however, struggled to put her heartbreak into words—that is, until Thanksgiving.

"I've tried to write something so many times, but I can’t put into words how special [Porter] was," the rapper wrote on Instagram. "There are so many memories with the family and although you were talented at many things, you had one of the major roles and held down the family like none other. With today being about family, I can’t help but honor this amazing woman and the family."

Kim went on to encourage her fans to appreciate their loved-ones, and "hold them longer" on the day of thanks. She accompanied her message with a series of videos and photos of Porter alongside her family. You can read Kim's tribute below. 

Porter, who shares three children with Diddy, was found dead inside her Los Angeles area home last Thursday. Her cause of death is unconfirmed, though an autopsy has been completed. 

She will be laid to rest this weekend in her hometown of Columbus, Georgia.