50 Cent and Ja Rule's long-lasting feud doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon, with Fiddy even going so far to say that "[it] won't be over till one of us gone." Not long after, Ja Rule revealed that 50 had blocked him on social media. "He can dish it but can't take it," Rule remarked, adding, "How's that get the strap single doing for you? ... Tell auntie 50 to unblock me I wanna play." Less than 24 hours later, he's already going after him again with a particularly scathing post.

"This will be my last post about 50 Cent I wanna be serious for second and just say me and this man went back and forth yesterday like school kids," Rule wrote. "But not once did I see him use his platform of 20 million followers for ANYTHING uplifting I’m sure he didn’t vote didn’t encourage anyone to vote only Tom fucking foolery tearing down other ppl of color always talking shit with yo stink breath ass."

It should be noted that the caption was accompanied by a picture of 50 happily posing with Donald Trump, with Ja Rule making it known just how little he thinks of his rival. He didn't let up from there, either, writing, EVERYONE is tired of you... let’s STOP supporting ppl who don’t support their own you boot licking ring kissing COON."

The two's intense back and forth reached an all-time high last month when 50 claimed to have purchased 200 tickets to a Ja Rule show for the sole purpose of ensuring 200 empty seats, with Rule responding with a series of homophobic Twitter posts.

During a recent stop on Ja Rule's tour, he led a "fuck 50 cent" chant.

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