Cardi B’s second No. 1 hit song “I Like It” has a new anime-inspired video released via Warner Music Japan.

In the 90-second visual, Cardi is animated in a variety of styles as she roams around Tokyo, doing karaoke, hanging out with Sumo wrestlers, and dancing on what appears to be Mt. Fuji. Check it out above.

This rendition only includes Cardi’s part of the song, so unfortunately we don’t see an animated version of her collaborators Bad Bunny or J Balvin. Becalis has yet to promote the vid on her socials, but that should come as no surprise. She has been busy trying to push her latest single "Money."

The video opens on Cardi crossing the sea to Japan, accompanied by a group of traditional Japanese folklore characters, according to ComicBook. After singing karaoke in front of an audience, Cardi hits the streets for some Fast and Furious style racing. The animated rapper goes through several outfit changes, which never fail to emphasize her famously enhanced chest. She samples sushi, goes shopping, and at one point grows to Godzilla proportions to pole dance on Mt. Fuji, an ode to her stripper days.

The anime-inspired video was directed by Ruka Noguchi with the help of animator Yasuhiro Yamashita.

The original video for the Latin-pop song came out back in May, a month after Cardi released her debut album Invasion of Privacy. In July, "I Like It" topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming Cardi's second No. 1 hit song after her 2017 breakout "Bodak Yellow."