With “Thank U, Next,” Ariana Grande turns the emotionally taxing task of forgiving exes into a bona fide bop. She praises Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Pete Davidson, and the late Mac Miller for helping her grow into the pop superstar we know and love—but apparently she forgot someone.  

TMZ’s sleuths never forget a celebrity relationship, and approached Ari’s other ex, Nathan Sykes, in LAX to ask him about being left out of Grande’s new smash. I know what you’re thinking: “who?” Well the two dated in 2013 and even collaborated on a song titled “Almost Is Never Enough” for Grande’s debut album Yours Truly. The then-20-year-olds ended things after a five-month stint, which may seem short, but is actually the same amount of time she dated Pete.

The former member of the Wanted was completely relieved to not be mentioned. In fact, he seems too relieved, and claimed he hadn’t even heard the song yet, which I find hard to believe. “That’s fantastic,” he says when asked about being left out on the track. “I think if people are releasing good music and they’re happy with the music they’re releasing, I think that’s great.”

Cool, cool, cool. Let’s pivot our focus to an opinion that matters. It’s apparently Justin Bieber’s favorite song.

Ari dropped the video for “Breathin’” this week, she also revealed Normani is joining her on tour. Thank u, next!