Wiz Khalifa has mainly stayed in the pop-rap lane, so his next move is a bit of surprise. The Pittsburgh star revealed in an interview with Power 106 that he'll drop an R&B album. 

Wiz said he already has "like 20 songs done," so the crooning stage of his career has already started. The conversation starts at the 7:29 mark above.

As you might expect, the hosts weren't buying it. They asked Wiz multiple times if he was trolling them, to which he responded that he even hired a vocal coach to train for this new direction.


On top of that announcement, Khalifa also spoke about working with Ty Dolla $ign, being a dad, and that run-in with JAY-Z at the City of Hope gala. He hinted in an Instagram that he and Hov had a new song ("WE...NEED HELP NAMING OUR SONG"), but admitted he was just trying to speak the collaboration into the universe.

"I want to do a song with him so bad that I made people think that it already exists,” he said. “I tried to force him to do it.”

Watch the interview in full above.