Suge Knight was sentenced on Thursday to 28 years in prison for the manslaughter of a man on the Straight Outta Compton set after striking a plea deal in his 2015 murder case last week. But in a conversation with The Blast, the controversial legend claimed Dr. Dre is the only reason he’s behind bars.

The beef between the two is legendary and dates back to their falling out in the 90s. The Death Row exec says the current trouble stems from his attempt to collect 30 percent of Dre’s $3 billion deal with Apple, which he claims is subject to the “deal a lifetime” he made with Dre decades ago. Because of this, Knight believes Dre put a hit out on him, something he also claimed a year ago.

Suge says this purported hit was supposed to go down on the same day (January 29, 2015) that he ran over and killed a man in a Tam's Burgers parking lot. He also says this murder attempt followed a previous attempt in 2014 at a nightclub.

“They also got the paper trail with all the checks and proof of when they talked to the witnesses saying that Dre came to them first and asked the two guys how much it cost to get rid of me,” Knight told The Blast. “And they said, ‘What you mean by get rid of?’ And they said, ‘Kill him.'”

Knight also explained to The Blast why he decided to take the plea deal instead of fighting his case. “So when they gave me an attorney,” Suge said, “he seen me two times in eight months and told me he went to the court and said he needed help and other attorneys. And they told him no. He said no way he can do my trial because he really don’t know the case and he won’t win.”

“So if somebody stacks the deck against you, to the point where they’re not trying to fight for you, and let you get the attorneys you wish to have, what can you do?” he continued.

He told the news outlet that throughout his time in Los Angeles County Jail, he hasn’t received the proper medical treatment. He was hospitalized for an illness back in April.

Knight could face more than 20 years in prison.