Tomorrow, Catz 'N Dogz are dropping their final EP of 2018, The Choice, on their very own Pets Recordings. Each track is a different version of their recent single of the same name. To give you one last reason to grab it in the morning they're sharing the Miss Bunty version, which opens the EP up with one of the more golden era-sounding versions in the collection, centered around the snappy rhythm and room-filling vocals. As ever, it's a super positive, upbeat piece of club thump guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep your feet moving long into the night. 

The pair explained to us via email: "We moved our studio last year from Berlin to Madrid and during last winter we were working on our new album. We were also writing a lot of lyrics for the LP songs, but also for tracks in the future. Miss Bunty's vocal mix was made after we finished working on the album and we were looking already for the summer season to test it at the festivals and clubs.

"We wrote those lyrics based on our personal life experiences. All our friends are surprised that we are able to work together for so many years and now we even live in different countries but we are on such a different level of friendship and trust that maybe for some people who haven't experienced the same thing. It's just difficult to understand. Maybe lack of drama is not really popular nowadays, but we going to promote it anyway, it's really a 'CHOICE' what you want do with your life.

"We were playing this track all summer and it was always the highlight of the set, the lyrics are very personal for us and it's the manifest we spread everywhere we play."