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All due respect to Diddy, but the threat of death doesn't move people the same way that the word "free" does. The #iVoted initiative knows this and they are offering free admission to concerts around the country to get people to the polls. 

Artists ranging from Playboi Carti to Toro y Moi on down to Drive-By Truckers and Good Charlotte are on offer, depending on where you live (and vote). Some of the concerts are run on a raffle system, where people can post photographic proof of their voting to Instagram and tag the venue and @ivotedconcerts. Others operate on a first-come, first-served basis, where fans can show photo proof of voting at the door. 

Participating venues are organized by state on #iVoted's website, so whether you're going to see Yelle, Iron & Wine or Jim James depends on where you are. Several of the venues are also offering free drinks for proof of voting.

The #iVoted push is just the latest initiative by artists to encourage young people to vote in the hugely important midterm election. In fact, the midterms are so polarized that even political blank space Taylor Swift spoke out and endorsed Democratic candidates in her home state of Tennessee. And that push appears to be working. Voter registrations have spiked since Swift told her fans that the Republican candidate for governor "appalls and terrifies" her. 

That's great Taylor, but how about a free concert, too? Take a look at the participating venues and acts over at the #iVoted website