Nicki Minaj treated her fans to an extra-long episode of her ongoing Beats 1 show Queen Radio today (Oct. 29), and with it came more information regarding her complicated back and forth with Cardi B. She also, on a more positive note, premiered her song with Tyga, "Dip." During the episode she also spoke about her upcoming collaboration with Kanye West, which 'Ye previously said will address body shaming.

"I don't want y'all to think it's some Kumbaya song 'cause you know Kanye crazy," she explained on Queen Radio. "It's about body shaming but it's done in a very different [and] interesting, Kanye West way so I would just say wait to hear the song and you'll know. I mean the shit is funny and it's dope, though." From what both of them have said, the forthcoming track appears as if it'll address the double standard between men and women when it comes to their sex life.

Kanye said as such, explaining, "One of the stigmas is that men, the more people we sleep with the higher our score goes. With a woman, the more people they sleep with, people consider that to be, the lower their score goes."

During the show, Nicki also took a moment to talk about how much she appreciates Yeezy. "Shout-out to Kanye, you know always from the beginning of my career, has shown me love, has motivated me, has inspired me," she added. "You know, we're all like a work in progress, and some people allow you to see them fall apart or have issues in public, and some people just front and act like they're all good. Kanye lets us into his world."

It's clear that regardless of how Kanye feels about Donald Trump, it hasn't impacted Nicki's feelings towards him. "I think we all love Kanye... The culture needs him, and so that's why we're so into everything he says and what he does. [...] He is what he is, you know what I'm saying? And whether you like him or not you can't deny that he's helped so many artists, and there's a lot of artists I know for a fact Kanye has helped and they don't say it but it is what it is. I say it."