Should I stay or should I go? It's a question that many aspiring artists who grew up in smaller cities or markets often ask themselves. And while Montreal is Canada's second largest city, it's not exactly the easiest place to be as an up-and-coming Anglophone rapper making. It's the position that Nate Husser finds himself in, and is the subject of his semi-autobiographical three-part EP series.  6º follows Minus 23 (released in July) and continues telling the story of an artist and the love-hate relationship he has with his hometown. 

In conjunction with the drop Husser also released a music video for the closing track, "Oldie," which you can view above. The simple yet stunning visual was directed by JB Proulx and is the perfect visual complement to the song's moody vibe: Huss muses, “Leaving my city just for the better; If I make it I might not come back ever.“

Listen to the rest of 6º via Spotify below or on any other streaming platform, and watch for the final EP to drop sometime in the coming months.