"Emo rap" might be a bit of a buzzword these days but all it really means is exactly what it says: emotional rap, and the latest album from Scarborough's HUSH. is exactly that. And despite what the title suggests, You're Just Miserable isn't just about wallowing in one's sadness and self-pity, but instead working through past traumas, relationship struggles and other day-to-day hardships. 

The eight-track offering features exclusive production from Hudson Alexander, the Toronto-based producer known for his affiliation with Bedroomer and his 2017 EP We're Gonna Have A Party. In addition to his work with HUSH., Hudson is also working closely with rappers Brick and Teddybear—who both appear on YJM—on developing their sound.

If you're looking for a little substance after your lit summer of doing the Shiggy dance challenge and wildin' out to "Mo Bamba," look no further than the raw humanity and emotional honesty of You're Just Miserable which you can take in below or via any other streaming platform.