It sounds like El-P isn’t too happy with Spotify.

On Friday morning, a fan pointed out that someone had fraudulently uploaded their music to El-P’s verified Spotify page. The Run the Jewels member responded to the message in a series of tweets, claiming he has had to deal with these kinds of issues on a regular basis.

“No matter how many times I pay my lawyer to take them down, Spotify just doesn’t care enough to not let other people upload songs to my page or my albums, that I own to theirs,” he wrote

El-P went on to say that he has sent multiple takedown notices to the company, after he realized lesser-known artists were falsely using his name in an effort to gain more exposure. The culprits do this by either uploading El-P’s records to their own pages or uploading their records to his official page. The rapper/producer criticized Spotify for failing to prevent these infringements, which he has been forced to correct with his own money.

“For those that don’t know, the rules Spotify have set forth are as follows: If someone uploads music in your name to your or your music to theirs fraudulently, your only recourse is to issue a takedown by a lawyer,” he wrote. “Spotify doesn’t help. This happens to me almost monthly.”

El-P also pointed out that he doesn’t have this issue with Apple Music:

You can check out his tweets below.