While some celebrities aren’t such big fans of Kanye’s recent antics, G.O.O.D. Music signee Desiigner has only praises for his label's founder.

On Thursday, the day of Ye’s visit to the White House, Desiigner took to Twitter to co-sign his talk with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Desiigner wrote, “ii Loved the interview With Kanye And @realDonaldTrump.”

In a new interview with Tim Westwood, Desiigner expressed those sentiments once again. “People was under my post [saying], ‘What are you doing? We lost another one,’ and everything,” he says around the 15:10 mark. “But it’s more like I enjoyed the interview. I enjoyed it and I want to just see where can it go. If [Kanye] wants to work together and put everything with love, aye, let’s try.”

Desiigner continued, “It’s only love. When we in the studio, all [Kanye] talks about is love. It’s not none of that slavery bullshit. It’s straight up just about love. He try to keep our mind as a team from G.O.O.D. Music...as away from being a slave."

He also thought Trump looked "impressed." "It’s like Ye’s talking and he’s moving as a unit," Desiigner said. "Just I want everybody to know that he’s moving as a unit. He’s not nobody that’s turning his back on anybody. He want the world to work together and I believe in him.”

Ye's visit saw him giving a long rant where he tried to justify wearing the MAGA hat. He also shared that while he loves Hillary Clinton, he feels that her “I’m With Her” slogan somehow made him feel like the opposite of a “guy that could play catch with his son.” Wearing a MAGA hat, makes him feel “like Superman.”