UPDATED 10/31, 11:00 a.m. ET: The D'Angelo song "May I? Stand Unshaken," has been officially announced as a part of the soundtrack for one of 2018's most successful video games, Red Dead Redemption 2. The western's Woody Jackson-composed score is also accompanied by original music from legendary artists like Willie Nelson and Nas made exclusively for the game. Jackson also composed the scores for other notable titles from Rockstar Games like Grand Theft Auto V and LA Noire.

Expect an official announcement for the release of the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack in the near future. 

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Over the weekend, D'Angelo fans noticed a new song of his titled, "May I? Stand Unshaken," was circulating online. In fact, Phonte pointed out that the song played on a BBC Radio show.

The new song is actually from the soundtrack of Rockstar Games' latest wild west blockbuster, Red Dead Redemption 2. The developers behind Grand Theft Auto V released their first game in five years last Friday (Oct. 26) to overwhelming critical acclaim, but it also arrived in relative secrecy with many details of the game kept quiet prior to release. The soundtrack, as it turns out, is one detail they kept close to their chest.

Woody Jackson, who composed the score for the original Red Dead Redemption, returned for sequel, but he's also been joined by Arca, Duane Eddy, and Queens of the Stone Age drummer Jon Theodore among others. When Rockstar revealed those composing music for the soundtrack, they also teased they had some vocalists contributing original songs to the game, however they didn't want to give away too much information regarding who did what.

D'Angelo contributed a gorgeous new song, reinventing himself once again for what fans have already called a pivotal moment in the story of the game. 

Gaming site Giant Bomb also reports that there's a new song from Willie Nelson included, but until then it's unclear who else might have contributed. Rockstar teased "additional vocal performances from a range of award-winning artists" will be revealed soon, however.

Listen to D'Angelo's new track above.