Back in August, Kanye West returned to his hometown of Chicago to work with Chance the Rapper on their forthcoming collaborative project Good Ass Job. In a new interview with Tim Westwood, Chance talks about getting 'Ye back to the city not only to make music, but to reconnect the rapper with his roots.

“The longer he stays there the more connections that'll happen, reconnections that'll happen,” Chance said. “I'm basically in charge of this project called Good Ass Job where I want to do a good ass job on everything.”

Despite the backlash Ye has faced in the past few months over his political outbursts, Chance is hoping that having him posted up in Chicago will help open the door to more perspectives.

“Kanye can work on the city and do a good ass job on the city, but I think prior to doing that we have to work with Kanye on doing a good as job on himself. And just like understanding the mechanics of everything that he may not understand,” Chance says. “He’s reading the dictionary, and he’s having conversations with all these people from the city that have a different perspective than what he’s been used to for the past few years.”

The two are also looking back on Kanye’s early music to try and synthesize the highlights into this new collab. “So that in hand with, you know, us reaching back and trying to remember some of the greatest moments that he’s created sonically,” he says of College Dropout era Kanye. “Trying to build off of that and create something that’s conclusively the best version of all of those things.”

“Those two sides of things the learning and the remembering are what’s gonna make us able to do a good ass job on Chicago,” Chance concludes.

Watch their full conversation about Kanye and Good Ass Job around the seven-minute mark in the video linked up top.

Later on in the interview, Chance confirms that Good Ass Job is deep into the development stages, but wouldn't give an exact release date. He also declined to hint at when his next solo project would be out. “Joints are done,” Chance confirms. “I know that he’s been teasing the Yandhi thing. I can say that that’s amazing. From what I’ve heard that’s amazing. I can tell you that’s coming sooner than Good Ass Job.”

He ended the interview with an update on his collaborative project with Donald Glover. “He was saying that it’ll be a long-term project, not that it will take a long time to get it done,” Chance says. “It’s like information divulged in little bits. Piece by piece. A lasting thing.”