The fatal shooting of 2Pac remains one of the biggest mysteries in the entertainment world. More than 20 years after the rapper’s death, authorities have yet to charge anyone in the case, which explains why there are so many theories about what really went down on the night of the murder. Was it an inside job? Was it a hoax orchestrated by Pac himself? And if not, who pulled the trigger?

Well, Pac’s collaborator Bizzy Bone is convinced he knows the answer.

During a recent Instagram Live session, the Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member took some time to share his thoughts on the unsolved 1996 shooting. Bizzy claims that the individual who fired the gun was trying to start a street war and never intended to kill Pac. Though he doesn’t mention any names, it’s clear Bizzy is referring to Orlando Anderson, the notorious Crips member who got into an altercation with Pac’s crew shortly before the shooting.

“We all know who killed 2Pac,” Bizzy said. “[…] Who was the nigga that was standing at the MGM and got his ass beaten by Death Row?”

Surveillance footage showed Anderson fighting with Pac’s entourage at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, following a Mike Tyson match. Bizzy suggests Anderson went to the hotel with the intention of getting beat up, so he would have an excuse to shoot up Pac’s vehicle. Why? Because he allegedly wanted to start a war—a war that his gang could profit from.

“Dude was hustlin’, dude was grindin’. He stole somebody’s Death Row chain, he was standing out there waitin’ on one the Death Row affiliates to see him so he could get fuckin’ packed out. And then he got packed out,” Bizzy said. “Then he go to his n****s, they get their gun, they shoot the car up, they start a f***kin’ war.

He continued: “They call up [Pac’s rivals], ‘We you’re protection.’ They get the other side to pay them protection money, and that money is just flowing through their set.”

Bizzy said he believes the gunman never meant to shoot Pac, but was simply trying to escalate the violence.

You can hear Bizzy’s full theory above.

Though Anderson was considered a primary suspect in the case, he was never formally charged or arrested. He was killed in May 1998 in a gang-related shooting.