Azealia Banks is commending Kanye West for his decision to meet with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office

Though many people have criticized Kanye for his continued support of Trump, Banks sees it as opening doorways to make life better for people under the Trump Administration. In a series of posts to her Instagram story, Banks attributed Kanye's visit to the rapper wanting to work within the system, as well as being a Gemini. 

"You have to commend Kanye for doing what everyone else is afraid to do. It's very likely that Donald Trump will be re-elected for a second term," she wrote. "I think we've all established that Donald Trump is an asshole but for whatever reason he's our president and rather than stand on the sidelines and shout and scream at him, chastise him and seek to blame him for the entirety of American history someone needs to have the courage to at least try and make something happen."

Banks said that Kanye was the first step toward reconciliation with the president and his administration.  

"Literally no other black celebrity has gone to the White House with a level head to try and represent for us. I'm proud of Kanye for at least taking a first step in opening the dialogue," she said. 

She does disagree with Kanye's constant accessory, the red MAGA hat, which has earned him scorn from the wider world of celebrities, including a heated take from Lana Del Rey.

"I want to burn that fucking MAGA hat," she said. "But us Geminis are very complex people and sometimes we like to do a little trolling for our own personal comic relief."

On that, she might be able to find common ground with Del Rey. The singer went after Banks on social media earlier this week, challenging her to a fight. It's doubtful that Del Rey saw Kanye's meeting with Trump as "adorable," which is how Banks characterized it.

"I'm 100% here for it," Banks said.