Back in August, Ariana Grande appeared on an episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden with her hand mysteriously wrapped in bandages. Devoted fans wondered what might be the cause of the injury, and now we know that it was a possessed man’s fault. Well, it was an actor pretending to be a possessed man, whom Grande encountered while doing an escape room with Corden a couple months ago.  

In the newly released segment, Grande and Corden spend a haunted afternoon in the at 60OUT Escape Rooms. “I love Halloween,” Grande says. “I love being scared. I think it’s so much fun...Usually escape rooms aren’t that scary, but I do love escape rooms.”

But she clearly had no idea what was in store. The singer is seen walking through the escape room on grainy black and white footage, and begins to have second thoughts. “You told me this was an escape room, not hell,” she says. “Can I go back?”

Ari’s pop princess persona typically comes off really sweet, but the singer is not playing games in the escape room and cusses nonstop. At one point her and Corden enter a room, and one crazed woman pops out of nowhere. “You’re a bitch!” Grande yells matter-of-factly at the woman.

While trying to decode a clue in another room, a possessed man crawls out of the wall, causing Grande to trip and injure her hand. “That was traumatic,” she says, as the two enter Corden’s car after leaving the escape room. “I’m not gonna lie. Don’t I look kind of hard?”

The singer tweeted about her injury at the time. “i LOVE my bandage it looks sick @JKCorden i’ll be ok one day,” she wrote.

This clip from the past is haunting in more ways than one. In the video, Grande is also still wearing the custom engagement ring she’s since returned to her ex fiancé Pete Davidson.  

Check out the entire segment in the video above.