DJ Critical Hype has made a name for himself as one of the best mash-up artists out, and his latest project might be one of his most interesting ones yet. Partnering with Atlanta hip-hop festival and conference A3C, Hype has blended the music of the Wu-Tang Clan with that of 2 Chainz.

Wu-Chainz: 36 Trap Houses brings together the two flawlessly. "When A3C approached me about Wu-Chainz, I thought the concept was sick and was instantly curious about how it would sound," Hype explained. "Grinding the project out over the last few months, it became clear pretty quickly 2 Chainz' witty southern raps sounded right at home over the incredible RZA production."

Hype's approach to the project, which might sound pretty out-there for Wu fans, has yielded some fantastic results. "I always enjoy the process of blending two different sounds together to create something new, so having the opportunity to do it with a legendary act like Wu-Tang and one of my favorite artists in 2 Chainz has been an amazing experience."

Coincidentally, 2 Chainz has always made his love of the Wu-Tang pretty clear throughout his career. As Rolling Stone notes in their premier of the mixtape, Raekwon is a fan of 2 Chainz, too, saying, "That's my G right there. He does his thing for real. 2 Chainz always showed love to myself and The Clan, and we got nothing but love."