Having made an appearance on Jammer's "Misty Cold" from his recent Are You Dumb? Vol. 5 project, rising talent Tara Lily is stepping out on her own with another Jammer collab called "Who Saw Who". In true "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts" fashion, Lily's passion for jazz and the Murkle Man's grime heritage come together for something entirely new and different. Though Jammer lets Lily's soulful, jazz sound come to the fore, his own personality shines through the spaces between via some grimey bass and taut rhythms.

On the story behind the track, Lily explained: "It was originally written about my ex who was constantly missing—it's about asking yourself who you can trust. The song has definitely come out of some chaotic, despairing times. It's a song you can vibe and dance to but also ballad like with its emotion and storytelling." Though we'd naturally love to see Tara Lily show off her versatility, it sounds as if we've barely scratched the surface of her creative partnership with Jammer. Hopefully we'll see more of it on her debut EP, No Strings Attached, this autumn.

UPDATE (Oct. 12): The official video has just landed.