Thanks to the internet, many of us are exposed to genres and sounds from various corners of the world without having to do that much work at all. The result is music that often can be hard to define or simply squeeze into one category. The latest example of this is Virginia-based Shaded Zu.

For his latest offering, Shaded Zu delivers seven tracks made for lovers of house and electronic music as he fuses elements of R&B and hip-hop into the rhythms of each mini dance break. All of the tracks are self-produced under his alter ego Fake Uzumi. The finished product finds Shaded Zu in the middle of nostalgia and the modern world.

"CYBERIA is based on my early experiences of the dial up internet era," Zu explains. "Remember instant messages, chat rooms, and waiting for our parents to go to sleep to log on? CYBERIA is the exploration of a new world without losing yourself in it."

Listen to CYBERIA EP below.