Russ has been making headlines recently after he decided to respond to some of his most passionate detractors head-on. The 25-year-old rapper caused controversy last year for his anti-drug t-shirt that read, "How much Xans and Lean do you have to do before you realize you're a fucking loser?" Ever since then, everyone from Lil Pump and Smokepurpp have made it their mission to show how much they aren't fans of him.

After consistent attacks online and "Fuck Russ" chants, the rapper and his crew snapped and jumped not just Smokepurpp, who posted photos of Russ' sister online, but controversial podcaster and internet personality Adam22 of No Jumper fame. In a new interview with REAL 92.3 L.A., Russ has addressed the situation in detail.

At the 5:58 point of the interview, he addressed his beef with Smokepurpp, explaining, "Me and purpp got on the phone though the other day and squashed this." He adds that he's always eager to speak to people to sort out issues between him and whoever it is taking shots, preferring to stay positive and move past any negativity directed at him. As for Adam22, however, Russ believes he got what he deserved.

"We're talking real simple shit," he says at 9:20, "People talk shit and then got punches thrown at them—big deal, bro. You know what I'm saying? [...] Bro, you talked extensive shit on a consistent basis about someone you had never met in your life, or talked to, and as a result they responded and [it] ended up punches got thrown your way—big deal. I don't understand. When you push and shove someone consistently for a year, if you don't think there's going to be some sort of response, then I'm really confused on how you think this world operates."

As for people criticizing him for sending his crew to jump people, he simply responded, "Bruh, I'm on the Forbes list. What are you talking about?" Check out the full interview above.

Meanwhile, Adam appeared on Power 106 Los Angeles to talk about getting jumped by Russ' crew. At the 15:23 point of the interview, Adam said, "I know for a fact he's had other people sent after other people." He clarified that he's squashed things with him since, despite not talking to him on the phone, adding, "Much love to Russ, I plan on listening to his music some day—I'm gonna give it a try." He says it's "all jokes," and ultimately he's just a "troll."

Earlier this year, Adam 22 was accused of rape and statutory rape, with one woman claiming he's a "serial rapist who is notorious for doxing women who speak up against him for raping them." He was set to release a compilation later in the year through Atlantic Records, but following the accusations there's been little in the way of updates regarding the release. He did, however, confirm it's still in the works while on Power 106.