Funk, jazz and pop-influenced production duo Speakman Sound are back once again to close out your summer with a last ditch dose of funk. Their latest offering is "This Time", a full-bodied pop banger marked out for Pepper Rose's instantly likeable vocals and a distinct Latin influence. The result is a big, room-filling slice of pop that grabs you in the very first instant.

Over email, the Speakman brothers told Complex: "We're back! 'This Time' is the taster flavour to our upcoming mixtape, which we can not wait to share. Pepper Rose brings all of her excitable bubble and pop which is sure to get you up off your chair, and if you listen to the end you may fall into an Alice-inspired trip with twisty hips!

This isn't the first infectious anthem the Speakman Sound boys have blessed us with — even last year's "Warm" was one in a long line of tracks with chart-potential — but we doubt it'll be the last. In fact, we'd be very surprised if "This Time" wasn't the track to bring them the chart success they deserve. 

Speakman Sound will be performing at Paper Dress Vintage in London for a show presented by Ears To Learn With Records on Friday, Nov. 16.