As 2018 enters the final quarter, South London-based/born singer-songwriter Charlene Soraia is beginning to lay the groundwork for her new album, Where's My Tribe?, due Jan. 25, 2019 via Peacefrog. While we wait for that date to arrive, Soraia's sharing the video to the album's title track. Sonically, the video suggest an album of ghostly, feather-light vocals and delicate, intricate musicianship. On the title track itself, Soraia weaves a tale of isolation and heartache, sensations that seem particularly turbulent in your teen years. To suit that, the visuals (which come courtesy of Kojey Radical collaborators The Rest) bathe Soraia in soft lighting while the camera takes in artful shots of various characters enjoying and enduring the highs and lows of adolescence. 

Speaking about the video, Charlene said "The Rest were really understanding of the fact that I wasn't entirely comfortable with being the main protagonist, so they developed a short film to explore the enmeshed and entwined lives of a tribe of teenagers 'Where's My Tribe' is the first music video to be cut from that film. The Rest likened me to a silent observer in the film and it's a title I instantly connected to. Maybe there's a little silent observer in all of us? A little loner… maybe those who have these experiences are the tribe?"