Post Malone has had a rough go of it the last few weeks, and Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans thinks a curse might be to blame. 

TMZ shared a video of Bagans and the Beerbongs & Bentleys rapper fooling around with an allegedly cursed object while visiting Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. Bagans took a protective covering off of one of his exhibits called a "Dybbuk box." The box, which inspired the 2012 movie The Possession, is a wine cabinet that Bagans and others claim is haunted by an evil spirit. 

In the video, Bagans can be seen touching the box. Post lays a hand on Bagans' shoulder and begins screaming before pulling Bagans out of the room. 

While we aren't the superstitious type, it has seemed like the universe has it out for the divisive pop-rapper since the incident. His private plane suffered a terrifying malfunction and was forced to pull off an emergency landing earlier this month. Shortly thereafter, Posty was involved in a car accident when his Rolls-Royce collided with a Kia in West Hollywood. While Malone was unharmed in both incidents, he couldn't help but comment on the weirdly timed bad luck. 

Then again, it might just be a bit of a balance for the insanely positive year the rapper has had. His latest album has been one of the best-performing releases of the year and he's gathered up plaques quicker than face tattoos. The 23-year-old is already has enough clout to through his own music festival, but Bagans says all that might have been thrown off by one bad decision. He told the gossip website that Post touching his shoulder while he touched the box could be enough to trigger a curse.