Lil Pump’s lawyer Brian Bieber told TMZ that he believes profiling played a part in the rapper getting arrested in Miami earlier this week. Bieber argues that his client was targeted by authorities because he is a young, successful Hispanic man driving around in an expensive car, and police initiated a traffic stop to find something wrong. 

Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly driving without a driver’s license. Bieber claims that the rapper was initially told that he was pulled over for making an illegal turn, which was allegedly changed to expired tags on his Rolls-Royce. The Miami PD says that the discovery of his plates belonging to a Mini Cooper led to them approaching the car. When Pump was asked to provide a license, he said that he never got one. 

Pump was released on $500 bail and received a ticket for his alleged violation. He will not be required to appear in court since his legal team will take care of it. Pump returned to Instagram Thursday night, posting his mug shot, along with a date for when Harverd Dropout will be released.

Pump has been no stranger to legal troubles. He was arrested in February for discharging a weapon in an inhabited place.