Back in 2017, Freddie Gibbs and Currensy announced that they were collaborating on a joint project together, but due to Gibb’s run-in with the law, they had a setback.

Now, it looks like the project, titled Fetti, is done. Gibbs took to Twitter on Tuesday to tease the album, sharing that he and Currensy “finished #FETTI in 2 days.” Gibbs also shared a trailer for the project on Instagram, which included a preview of the music.

The new project is entirely produced by Alchemist and is set to drop on Oct. 31.

About two years ago, Gibbs was arrested on sexual assault charges stemming from a 2015 incident in Vienna, Austria. He was acquitted of the charges in September 2016, but since then, he felt that he still had to prove to the world he wasn’t the sexual predator he was accused of being.

This June, Gibbs returned with his self-titled surprise mixtape, but then a month later, he revealed that Bandana—the sequel to his and Madlib’s 2014 project Piñata, which has yet to drop—could be Gibbs’ last project. However, with the release of Fetti, it doesn’t look like it.