UPDATED 7:12 p.m. ET: Frank Ocean addressed the cease-and-desist in a Tumblr post Friday night. The singer claimed the issue had nothing to do with "Carousel's" production or alteration of his voice, rather "it was about 🌈."

"Me and Travis resolved it amongst ourselves weeks ago," Ocean wrote, without much in the way of details. 

You can check out Ocean's statement below. 

Many suspect the use of the rainbow emoji is a reference to the ASTROWORLD cover art controversy. Shortly before the project dropped, Scott was hit with accusations of transphobia when it was revealed famed trans model Amanda Lepore was Photoshopped out of the cover.

Scott addressed the backlash in a tweet, calling the situation a "misunderstanding."

On Sunday, Travis Scott gave Ocean a shoutout on Instagram:

Read the original story below.

For all its inarguable ability to bring pure joy to millions, Travis Scott's opus ASTROWORLD apparently now has at least one joyless hiccup to overcome.

According to TMZ, Frank Ocean's legal team has supposedly hit La Flame with a cease and desist letter due to the alteration of his vocals on the Hit-Boy-produced ASTROWORLD cut "Carousel." The report also claims that Ocean and Scott's disagreement over the guest spot actually started just weeks ahead of the album's release. Though Ocean is reportedly upset about what Scott's producers ultimately did with his contributions to the track's chorus and third verse, the exact nature of his issue with the track is unknown.

We've reached out to Scott's reps and will update accordingly if we hear back.

Last month, Ocean—in a separate case—demanded that a lawsuit related to his own Blonde album be tossed. According to Ocean, producer Om'Mas Keith—who's made repeated claims of co-writing a bulk of the album's cuts and not receiving adequate credits—isn't being truthful. Om'Mas, however, is still in the process of trying to land some profits off the tracks due to what he's characterized as "enormous and irreparable harm." Ocean has also sued Om'Mas for the claims, which revolve around 11 Blonde tracks.

Next up for Ocean, possibly, is the release of one or more collabs with Playboi Carti. As Carti informed us back in July, he and Ocean recently put five songs in the bag. "Frank Ocean, he's the GOAT," Carti said during a July appearance on the Cruz Show.