In the days leading up to ASTROWORLD’s release, Travis Scott faced accusations of transphobia after it was revealed that an iconic trans model was removed from the album’s cover art.

The original image, shot by David LaChapelle, included a scantily clad Amanda Lepore bending over in front of Travis’ giant gold head; however, Lepore was ultimately edited out of the final version—an omission she made sure to point out on social media.

“It was great being part of @david_lachapelle’s incredible photograph of @travisscott s album cover,” she wrote on Instagram, “but I’m curious why I’m not on the picture @travisscott posted.”

You can check out the official ASTROWORLD cover and the original image below. As you can see, Travis’ version does not include Lepore, while LaChapelle’s does.

Just a day after Travis unleashed the long-awaited project, he took to social media to address the cover art controversy. The Houston rapper insisted the ordeal was a “misunderstanding” and that he never intended to disrespect the trans community.

ASTROWORLD is about love and expression, not hate! […] I want to use my voice to make it clear that everyone on this planet is as equal and fucking awesome to the next,” he wrote. “Me and LaChapelle set out [to] create images that I grew up watching him create for years that inspire me today.”

Before Travis’ statement, LaChapelle defended his decision to remove Lepore, claiming the model was edited out because she “upstaged everyone.”

Travis said he agreed with the photographer.

“Yo Amanda you did upstage everyone even me,” he went on to write. “[…] Sorry for the misunderstanding. Love you guys and thank you all. […] EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO ASTROWORLD.”

You can check out Travis’ full statement below.