Last year, Playboi Carti revealed that he was in the studio when Frank Ocean made his Blonde standout, "Nights." Now, it seems the two are actively working on new music together.

"Frank Ocean, he’s the GOAT," Carti said during an interview with The Cruz Show on Tuesday. "The last time I worked with him was in New York about a month ago. We did like five songs."

Of course, this is Frank Ocean we're talking about, so don't expect to hear these songs any time soon. "You know, it’s Frank, so he move how he move," Carti admitted. "You never know what he on." When Cruz asked where the songs are, Carti answered, "They're with him."

In early 2017, Carti shared a story about another studio session with Frank that resulted in music that we'll likely never hear. "We worked on some music in New York, actually," he told The Fader. "He's very talented, man. That man was doing everything in the studio. He really works with instruments and shit. It's crazy. He really showed me a new type of style and shit. We made a song and it was very lit. I don't know if the world's going to get it, though."

This latest batch of Frank Ocean songs add to the growing list of big-name collaborations in Playboi Carti's unreleased vault. On Monday, he told L.A.'s Real 92.3 that he has "like 100" songs with Lil Uzi Vert that we've never heard. "We've been recording since like 2015," he said. "So we know what we got to do."