Fifth Harmony member Dinah Jane has dropped her debut solo single “Bottled Up,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign and Marc E. Bassy. Check out the video up top.

“Bottled Up” marks Dinah and Ty’s second collaboration, following Fifth Harmony’s 2016 hit single “Work From Home”; however, Dinah claims she wanted to work with the Beach House artist even before that record was completed.

“I remember hearing a record of his (Bassy), ‘That’s Love,’ featuring Ty Dolla Sign. I was such a fan. And this was right before we did ‘Work From Home’,” she told Music Choice last week. “[…] I remember just loving their voice, and how it just moved me as an artist.”

She continued: “I remember being in the studio with Marc, and he was just like, ‘So what’s your vibe? Where do you wanna go with this? You wanna just make hits or do you wanna go global?’” Dinah recalled. “I was like, ‘I wanna go global. I want a global record […] I love this record a lot […] It’s been a year or two... and I feel like because it’s such a bop to me, it can be a bop to other people, as well.”

You can listen to “Bottled Up” now on Apple Music/iTunes and via Spotify. The track features production by Nic Nac, David Park, James Hau, and William Mosgrove.