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Yung Miami and JT, a.k.a. Miami duo City Girls, have against all odds had a very successful 2018.

Unfortunately JT has been behind bars on credit card fraud charges since June, leaving Miami to perform solo on what was set to be their first tour, but that hasn't stopped them from sharing the Video God-directed visual for their new track, "Millionaire Dick."

After appearing on Drake's unstoppable "In My Feelings" back in June, the pair have continued to rise despite JT's incarceration. The Quality Control-signed duo continue to subvert rap tropes with their latest track, focusing on empowerment through sexuality in a way that few others would dare.

Speaking with Refinery29, Miami made it known why she felt it was important to embrace sexuality in her music as part of City Girls. “We are all about girls getting what they need," Miami explained. "Me and JT know that a man gotta support you in every way. And that includes getting the bag. We like to think that we say what lots of girls want to say. City Girls are everywhere, and City Girls ain’t scared. Know what you want and makes you feel good. And know we look good!”

Miami says in her interview with The Cut, that she's been trying to maintain a positive attitude about the situation. They've been lucky enough to be able to speak everyday, and Miami stresses that, "When JT comes home, it's gonna be the the perfect time." Let's hope she makes it home sooner rather than later.