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Chris D’Elia has been fusing hip-hop and comedy for a minute, as demonstrated by his rap alter ego Chank Smith. But did you know the New Jersey-bred comedian also does a mean Eminem impression?

Over the holiday weekend, several fans began sharing videos of D’Elia’s take on Slim Shady’s flow. The actor has the Kamikaze rapper’s attitude down to a T, delivering some of the most ridiculous, ad libbed lines with Em’s signature syncopation and cadence.

“While you’re in the Ford Taurus, gettin’ an abortion and a divorce at the same time,” D’Elia spits in the video. “[…] I'm plannin', I'm plannin' to do all of this while you panickin’, and you're lookin', starin' at mannequins.”

There’s also some lines about napkins, papkins, and Flanigans.

You can check out the video below.

Nailed it. If you enjoyed that, there's also this video.