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Nashville duo Cherub have been steadily rising through the ranks, and with the release of their colorful new single "Want That," they're looking to hit listeners with their best project yet.

Blending their distinctive visual style with the catchy track itself, the official video for the song highlights just how much fun the song is as the duo turn up wearing faceless masks.

Cherub member Jason Huber told Complex of the performance: "'Want That' is one of my favorite tunes that we’ve written in the past year, and the music video is also my directorial debut. It’s a dark bouncy disco vibe, that immediately inspired the concept for the video. It’s actually harder to explain a Busta Rhymes/Missy Elliott-inspired mannequin dance sequence music video than you might think, but Jordan trusted me to see my vision through."

The duo also linked up with a lot of the same crew from previous videos like "All In" and "Dancin' Shoes" for the creation of "Want That."

"With an all-star video crew from 'All In,' 'Dancin’ Shoes,' 'Doses and Mimosas,' 'Monogamy/Roxxy,' and various other Cherub videos and photo shoots, it really felt like we were making something special," Huber added. "I couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work that everybody put into this."

Cherub will be hitting the road today (Sept. 6) for three months for their Free Form tour, which will run until Dec. 14. Purchase tickets for the tour here.