After the heartbreaking passing of Mac Miller, a number of hip-hop heavyweights have discouraged kids from doing drugs, and even shared their own experiences with substance abuse.

On Tuesday, Bow Wow took to Twitter to open up about his own struggles with lean, confessing that he was drinking it every day while making the 2007 album Face Off with Omarion. Bow Wow wrote, “To the youth- Stop with these dumb ass drugs. Im going to let something out. When me and omarion worked on FACE OFF album. I was high off lean everyday! When yall saw me on BET going off on torae i was high off lean. My attitude everything changed.”

Bow Wow revealed that the substance impacted the way he acted, and his attitude—and that he almost died from his addiction. “Kick that shit! Be a good son or daughter. Be the best you. Ima start being more vocal. We gotta save the youth from going out early. Parents watch your kids. Explain to them. We want yall to live man. I almost died fucking with syrup,” he wrote.


In the thread, he stressed one thing: “DRUG FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! smarten up tighten up out here. We cant lose no more of you. Not one! I love all yall. The young artist all the kids around the world.. dont follow a trend. Break the cycle.”

Rest in peace, Mac Miller.