It's been eight years since The Black Eyed Peas released their last full-length record, The Beginning, but the now three-piece is finally returning next month with their comeback album, Masters of the Sun. To tease the forthcoming release, the trio shared their politically charged song "Big Love," with a video highlighting some of the topics covered in the song itself.

Highlighting the migrant separation crisis currently occurring across the United States as well gun violence, the video is quite disturbing, especially during its opening moments, which depicts a school shooting. The striking video makes it clear there's still so much work to be done.

Nick Turturro III, son of BlacKkKlansman star Nick Turturro, makes a cameo in the video's gym scene.

As previously announced, all proceeds from "Big Love" will go toward March for Our Lives as well as Families Belong Together. The track is expected to appear on their forthcoming album Masters of the Sun, which is scheduled to drop Oct. 12.

"We have a different laboratory on this one, and audio scientists and activists, philanthropists, and all this music that we’re doing right now reflects that side, the philanthropy side of who we are as people and the independent route in a way,” said of the upcoming album when he spoke to Complex earlier this year.