In a software update that went live on Friday, Apple Music has launched its top 100 numeric charts, as Rolling Stone reports. The new top 100 chart will be accompanied by playlists for global stats as well as separate charts for each region, and can be found now for all users on iOS 12. Android users, meanwhile, will have to wait for a new update.

One of the most interesting parts about the charts, however, is that unlike the Billboard Hot 100, they'll be updated each day at midday PST. In total, 116 charts have launched today in the new update. Found in the Browse tab on Apple Music and iTunes, the charts appear just like any other playlist on the service. The charts are still currently rolling out, and executives from Apple Music declined to offer specifics of the full launch.

The best-selling albums and songs have been available to view since iTunes launched, but with Apple's foray into the streaming world a few years in by now, the company is adapting to the current state of the music industry. Listeners have increasingly paid interest in the data behind their favorite music, especially with the rise of the hugely popular Chart Data Twitter account, which our sister site Pigeons & Planes recently profiled.

Check out the global top 100 here, and check out the American top 100 here.