A week after 50 Cent released his new video for "Get the Strap" featuring 6ix9ine, Casanova, and Uncle Murda, the clip already has over 12 million views on YouTube.

Celebrating the achievement, 50 shared a note on Instagram this weekend and explained that he refused to alter the video when television networks like BET asked for changes. "Ha ha ha this one is too cool for tv, BET wanted too many changes so I thought about it and said I’m cool we don’t need it," he wrote.

50 didn't go into detail about the specific changes that BET asked him to make, but his decision to ignore their demands highlights just how much the industry has changed over the last decade. Instead of having to rely on TV airplay like he did in the mid-2000s when he put out videos like "Candy Shop," 50 debuted "Get the Strap" on Power and made use of 6ix9ine's large social media following to direct viewers to his YouTube channel.

Before dropping the "Get the Strap" video in late August, 50 turned the song's title into a catchphrase and included it in every caption on social media for months. He even sold the phrase to Viacom for a million dollars in June.

You can watch the Eif Rivera-directed video for "Get the Strap" below.